Crypto Trader review

Crypto Trader System what is it? How does the Crypto Trader System work? Is the Crypto Trader System a scam? What are the reviews and opinions on Crypto Trader System? We find out in this article.

For some time now there has been a lot of talk on the web about this portal. And it is our job to put it under the magnifying glass to see if it really makes money as it says or is one of the usual scams that run on the web exploiting the popularity that have reached the crypto currencies. Especially since 2017, the Bitcoin has scored a surge in its price touching 20 thousand dollars. Followed closely (albeit at a proper distance) by the other crypto currencies.

Crypto Trader review

It is no coincidence that in the last year, a flood of crypto currencies has proliferated. So much so that today we count more than 1800. Although many of them were born with the sole purpose of enriching those who launched them or to fit into the wake of the general success. But in fact, there is no concrete design basis below.

Alongside crypto-currencies, online trading platforms and exchanges have also proliferated. But even on these sites you have to be careful, because scams are always around the corner. In fact, many of these portals are operated by companies based in tax havens and with organization charts made of landowners. And so soon you will find that not only have you not earned anything, but you will not be able to return in possession of the money you have uploaded to the account for several months. Hardly even with a regular complaint, which however must always be presented to inform the authorities in charge of these fraudsters.

After this right introductory hat, let’s go to the sieve Crypto Trader System and see if it really works or is a scam.

Crypto Trader System what it is

What is the Crypto Trader System? Crypto Trader System is actually a binary options trading software (not Bitcoin), which was opened in July 2017. It is an online investment tool whose creator David Richmond claims to be a skilled cryptographer who created the software because he wanted to have access to a system that could generate solid daily earnings. Since he is also an alleged philanthropist, he decided to help as many people as possible to make considerable profits. He doesn’t want anything in return, stating that users must donate to charity when they also become rich.

Crypto Trader System is very similar to many other binary options trading signals software. When you watch the video, the actors seem very convincing and genuine. They want you to believe that you are somehow connected to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but once you log in, you see that it is a trading software like Omnia App.

Real investors who trade CFDs on Forex and Crypto Currencies pairs already know that a trading signal is just as good as trading times. If some people tell you to buy BTC against the U.S. Dollar because it is going up, you will earn money, only if you buy and sell at the right time. If you buy sooner or later, especially when trading binary options, you lose money.

After doing some research, it would seem that the Crypto Trader software is completely fake. This scam follows the same pattern we have seen several times in recent times. The idea is to make you think that this is an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. While it’s true that Crypto Currency is very popular online right now, this system is simply trying to take advantage of it.

They want you to believe that only a few people will be allowed to use this system. In fact, they want as many people as they can get. The Crypto Trader software says it’s free. However, if you join this scam, you’ll soon find that you need to “invest” money to start the system. In all the scams we’ve seen lately, they try to convince you that you’re paying for nothing and that the money you invest will still be yours.

Although, at the bottom of the Crypto Trader website there’s a prominent warning about investment risks. A nice way to wash your hands after deluding you.